By Shubhi Joshi

Brewing Dreams: From Concept to Brand For A Coffee Producer

Service: Brand Strategy    |   Industry: Food & Beverage

At a glance

The client, a third-generation coffee producer, approached us during the ideation phase. He had only a vague idea and needed help to transform his vision into a concrete plan: to establish his own distinct coffee line and brand, separate from the family business.

We worked closely with the client to create the new brand’s identity, and a comprehensive brand strategy and launch plan.

The problem

Although the client was well-versed in the operational aspects of setting up and running a coffee business, he had no experience in the sales and marketing of a new brand.

He had clarity on the new product, its pricing, and the distribution channels, but needed help with creating a brand that could have its own identity separate from the generational business.  

The desired launch date was only 5 months away, which required a quick turnaround on all the aspects of this project.

The solution

We leveraged the following four-phase Brand Launch Framework for this project.

The key steps undertaken to implement this framework are as follows:

1.Audit & Analysis

  • Conducted primary research of the identified target groups through written surveys and 1:1 interviews
  • Conducted secondary and competitor research to gain insights on the market gaps, challenges, and other insights

2.Brand Strategy

  • Facilitated brainstorming workshops with the client to articulate the brand vision and goals
  • Developed the brand key including the brand’s story, values, benefits, personality, and differentiators
  • Provided insights and feedback to the graphic designer to create the brand’s visual identity and product packaging
  • Crafted the brand launch strategy to achieve the identified goals

3.Implementation Blueprint with Success Metrics

  • Prepared a high-level implementation plan across channels for pre-launch, launch, and post-launch steps
  • Determined the success metrics and KPIs that should be tracked and monitored after the brand launch

The results

By using our four-phase brand launch framework, powered by collaborative workshops and detailed research, we were able to transform the client’s idea into a clear and actionable brand launch strategy.

The launch plan provided a roadmap for execution and ensured a well-coordinated effort across multiple channels, both online and offline

The pre-launch phase is on track and showing great promise for a successful brand launch event coming up in April.

Advice to other startups and small businesses

This case exemplifies the power of research, collaboration, and strategic planning in turning entrepreneurial dreams into a successful reality. A similar approach can be leveraged to rebrand or revamp an existing brand.

Quick Tip: A well-crafted strategy right at the onset is ideal for a new brand but it might be cost and time-prohibitive for bootstrapped startups or solopreneurs. Such businesses should first focus on the basics and keep building the brand as their business grows.

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