By Shubhi Joshi

Bridging Leadership Gaps: A Fractional CMO Success Story

Service: Fractional CMO  |  Industry: Financial Services

At a glance

In the midst of a crucial transition, our client, a Global Capability Center (GCC) of a US-based investment company, was facing a significant hurdle when their marketing head quit abruptly, leaving a void in leadership.

Our Fractional CMO stepped in and hit the ground running to accomplish the following in just a few weeks:

The problem

The client, a Global Capability Centre (GCC), was originally a joint venture between a prominent investment company from the United States and an IT software company

from India. It was now in transition to become a wholly owned subsidiary of the former. In addition to the many challenges the process already posed, a new obstacle emerged – the sudden departure of the GCC’s Marketing Head.

This unexpected departure demanded immediate attention from the HR Head, as this role was pivotal to providing essential leadership while also achieving time-sensitive goals like website revamping and launching the new brand.

Given the urgency of the situation, the Head of HR was compelled to find an interim leader. However, hiring a full-time Marketing Head in less than 10 days seemed nearly impossible.

The solution

In response to this urgent situation, the HR Head reached out to Exemplarie to inquire about our services as a Fractional CMO. Within a mere week of the request, one of our highly experienced consultants was able to assume the role and hit the gound running.

Our Fractional CMO seamlessly integrated into the client’s team, offering vital guidance and practical assistance during this critical period.

During this project, our consultant managed the efficient completion of urgent tasks while also establishing a solid groundwork for the department’s ongoing success until the arrival of the new Marketing Head.

The results

Our fractional CMO brought strategic insights and managerial skills to the table, achieving the following goals:

1. Website Revamp

  • Re-negotiated the terms of engagement and expedited the contract sign-off with the vendor
  • Created a detailed project plan with timelines
  • Acted as the primary point of contact between the vendor and the internal decision-makers
  • Identified critical areas for improvement and provided guidance on each stage of website development—from wireframe to post-release
  • Ensured all issues were resolved promptly by engaging the right people

2. New Brand’s Launch

  • Developed a comprehensive strategy to launch the newly created subsidiary – both online and offline
  • Hired and onboarded various vendor partners to execute the launch
  • Seamlessly coordinated the entire project involving multiple stakeholders, internal team members, and external vendors 

3. Resource Management

  • Assessed the existing team structure and roles
  • Suggested processes to optimize the team efficiency
  • Assisted the HR team in hiring additional team members including the full-time CMO
  • Onboarded new vendor partners

4. Project Planning

  • Audited the ongoing work in the marketing team to assess efficiency, gaps, challenges, and the quantum of work
  • Developed a robust marketing calendar for the upcoming quarter
  • Established key performance indicators (KPIs) for measurement

5.Ad-Hoc Support

  • Audited the ongoing work in the marketing team to assess efficiency, gaps, challenges, and the quantum of work
  • Assisted with the leadership photoshoot
  • Advised various business heads on developing their personal brand and thought leadership

As a testament to the effectiveness of this interim solution, the brand launch event was a triumph, the revamped website accurately reflects the new GCC’s brand, and the new full-time CMO had been finally hired.

Advice to other businesses

This case study showcases how effective a Fractional CMO can be when chosen correctly.

By bringing on board an experienced fractional consultant, organizations of any size can gain access to a wealth of knowledge and industry-specific expertise, without having to invest in a full-time employee.

Fractional CMOs function as an extension of the client’s in-house team and are usually hired to provide strategy, drive its implementation, and assist with time-sensitive tasks.

Quick Tip: When assessing candidates for a Fractional CMO role, focus on their communication skills, adaptability, and ability to deliver tangible results.

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