By Shubhi Joshi

Elevating Talent Acqusition: An Employer Branding Case Study

Service: Impact Workshop  |  Industry: BFSI

At a glance

The client, a Global Capability Center (GCC) of a US-based BFSI company, was aiming to double its headcount within a year but was facing issues in attracting and retaining talent due to the lack of a brand name in the domestic market. 

Creating a strong Employer Brand in 4-6 weeks was the need of the hour, and to achieve this we combined our normal strategy-building approach and Impact Workshop model.  

The problem

Our client, a US-based BFSI giant was looking to double its headcount within a year but was finding it difficult to attract and retain top-tier talent for its India GCC despite the parent company’s reputable brand.

The Chief Human Resources Officer (CHRO) identified the absence of a compelling employer brand in the Indian market as their primary challenge.

More importantly, though, there was a lack of internal alignment and common consensus among the leadership team about what the EVP and Employer Brand should be, which was causing further delays.

We collaborated with the CHRO to resolve both these issues.

The solution

To create an effective Employer Brand for the Indian GCC, we first collected insights, not just from the leadership team but from across the organization. This was supplemented by extensive external research to arrive at 360-degree insights to prepare the Employer Brand Strategy.

Additionally, to ensure all the decision-makers were on the same page and to avoid multiple back-and-forths without achieving tangible results, we conducted an Impact Workshop with the entire leadership team.

Following are the detailed steps undertaken:

1.Primary Research:

  • Org-Wide Surveys: Conducted comprehensive surveys to gauge employee experiences, expectations, concerns, and views about the GCC’s perceived brand
  • Focus Group & 1:1s: Engaged in one-on-one and group discussions to understand the workforce’s perspectives
  • Impact Workshop: Facilitated a workshop to bring together all the leaders, open discussion and brainstorm on the organization’s goals, values, culture, and Employee Value Proposition (EVP)

2.Secondary Research:

  • Competitive Research and Audit: Analyzed industry competitors to identify strengths and weaknesses as well as assess their employer branding
  • Market Trends Analysis: Examined current trends to tailor the employer brand to the dynamic job market

3.Detailed Presentation:

  • EVP: A compelling Employee Value Proposition (EVP) statement that highlights the unique benefits of working with the GCC
  • Culture, Mission, Vision, Values, Goals: The key pillars of the organization and how to align the employer brand with them
  • Worked with the marketing head to improve results based on these weekly and monthly insights

4.Implementation Roadmap:

  • Provided a 30-60-90 detailed implementation roadmap outlining the step-by-step execution and how to effectively communicate and promote the various aspects of the employer brand such as the EVP
  • Outlined key milestones and metrics to monitor

The results

The entire project was completed in under 5 weeks.

This employer branding initiative, coupled with other solutions introduced by the HR team, led to an almost 40% increase in hiring and retention rates within the first quarter.

The leadership team loved the Impact Workshop and how it saved everyone a lot of time overall.

The EVP resonated with potential candidates, fostering a positive perception of the organization which was reflected in the higher quality of applications received.

This project also provided valuable insights for the marketing team; they integrated these core messages across internal and external communications to ensure brand consistency across the board.

Advice to other businesses

This case study underscores the importance of a comprehensive employer branding strategy in attracting, engaging, and retaining top talent for sustained organizational growth.

HR Heads play a crucial role in identifying the need for employer branding and should own the initiative, while the marketing department should assist in its successful implementation.

Quick Tip: Leveraging a leadership workshop model like our ‘Impact Workshops’ can ensure that quick decisions are made with fewer iterations when creating such time-sensitive marketing and branding strategies.

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