By Shubhi Joshi

Navigating Transformation: A Content Marketing Triumph Amidst Remote Challenges

Service: Content Marketing  |  Industry: IT Software

At a glance

The client, a leading apartment management platform faced a substantial hurdle in the wake of the 2020 lockdowns; they now had to stop the field sales and rely completely on online channels due to the remote work mandate.

Tasked with the urgent need to change their marketing communication strategy and revitalize the audience, the Marketing Director reached out to us for our content marketing expertise.

The solution

We started by revamping the content strategy with email marketing at its core, created detailed monthly content calendars and reporting dashboards, and thereafter crafted content tailored for different platforms.

Following are the detailed steps undertaken:

1.Comprehensive Email Strategy:

  • Conducted a thorough database cleanup along with list segmentation for more targeted and effective campaigns
  • Crafted engaging and informative broadcast emails to maintain brand visibility
  • Started weekly newsletters to keep B2B clients informed about platform updates and new features
  • Designed and implemented strategic drip campaigns for cold lead nurturing, new members onboarding, post-demo follow-ups, and more

2.Multi-Platform Content Creation:

  • Developed social media strategy, content calendar, and compelling content for various social media platforms to improve brand awareness and connect closely with the B2C audience
  • Created digital sales collateral for more effective virtual outreach by the sales team
  • Wrote insightful long-form blog posts to showcase the client’s industry expertise, address customers’ pain points, and share important news and updates
  • Developed comprehensive feature guides to educate the different user groups on how to use the platform, its features and capabilities, and any updates that were introduced subsequently

3.Reporting & Analytics:

  • Created detailed reporting dashboards for the marketing head to track, analyze, and revise the various marketing initiatives on a weekly basis
  • Created a more high-level consolidated dashboard to present the big picture insights to the CXOs on a monthly basis
  • Worked with the marketing head to improve results based on these weekly and monthly insights

The results

The seamless implementation of this 360° content strategy on multiple platforms not just mitigated the potential sales decline but resulted in month-over-month growth in leads, conversions, and overall engagement.

Key achievements include:

  • Email open rates averaged over 40% while CTR averaged ~ 20% for existing customers
  • Cold leads (received from multi-platform campaigns) increased by ~20% every month during the project duration
  • Participation in webinars increased by over 50%  
  • Readership of blog posts increased by over 30%
  • All the social media channels saw a significant increase in reach, engagement, and business inquiries
  • The number of demos booked increased by ~30% once the email campaigns were refined and the digital collateral was revamped

Advice to other businesses

This case study demonstrates how a well-crafted content strategy in conjunction with strong execution can help any organization achieve their business goals, even in challenging times.

Quick Tip: Content marketing doesn’t deliver results overnight, but when done right, it is a proven strategy for achieving long-term and high-ROI business growth. Instead of jumping into the deep end at the onset, consult with an expert to determine just one or two simple strategies that will work best for your business within the desired budget.

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